You are Sarah Chronos and Exterminators model T-1K are chasing you as you escape from the psychiatric center where you are confined. 

Be careful! T-1Ks are made of a substance similar to mercury and can pass through walls, but neither you or any bullet can. Also, bear in mind that you can only shoot while running.

Each wave will occur on a different floor of the building. How many waves can you survive?

Controls: left/right/up/down to move and x to fire.

Game made for the PICO-8's #Pico1k Jam. Based on #Berzerkand #Zerkybot.

P.S. Reset cart after death to start a new game. Enjoy it!

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Made withPICO-8
Tags1k, jam, pico1k, PICO-8, Retro


sarah-chronos-vs-t-1k.txt 1 kB


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This is such a good game, with great mechanics.
I used to love Bezerk as a kid and this gives me the same sense of peril!
Nice entry! 😎👌

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Thank you Paul! It was your Masterpiece “Low Mem Sky” what opened my eyes to PICO-8, so I’m honored! Nice Jam!

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Neat! I've started working on a version of Berzerk myself, and was wondering if it could fit in 1K. I guess this answers that question.☺️

Thanks! Go ahead with your version! Maybe you can include more functionalities ;)